Monday, November 7, 2011

Party time for the school peanuts

I was so thrilled when the kids agreed to make their own Halloween attire. This day has become such a money drain in the past and we were trying to come up with fun costumes the kids could help with and not spend a ton of money. I am trying my hardest this year to become more thrifty- so here is what we came up with!

Gaby was a pirate. Her class had a theme, they had to be a TV/movie character... so she wanted to do Jack Sparo (?). I was game for it. Her total cost was under 10.00 thanks to the goodwill store! She was very excited to put this together herself!

Kadyn wanted to be a Queen. We borrowed the dress from a friend, and dolled her up a little. The dress was beautiful. Her friend's mom made it. She loved looking so dressed up. Her cost was a little higher due to the crown. Still under 15.00! Go Queen Kk!

Kk and her 1st grade buddies...

Gaby and her 4th grade friend, K.

Walking in the school parade...

Gaby's TV frame...

Gaby and her teacher... Mr. T

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