Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinterest... Oh my!

Let me just say, I need another time consuming website with really cool ideas to look at all the time like I need a hole in the head. I am slow on the Pinterest train but I am finally on. And, I love it. I have so many cute, cheap, decor, art, kids things I want to try. If you never have been to the sight, it is however, if you want to join, I'll send you an invite- much faster to get on that way...

Okay... back to the projects. The first night I got on, I was in crafting heaven. (However, they have food recipes, cleaning tips, fitness...everything) This was my first project with the girls. The handprint canvas Christmas tree. I need to add the star and the kids want to make circle stamps to stamp on decorations. It was a cute and fun little thing to do.

My Christmas bulb project... so simple. I put that green foam in the far and wrapped it with cheap moss from Walmart. Went outside and picked up some branches.

Added some hip ornaments; I love the lime green, blue, pink Christmas colors.

Greatest invention ever... they are shiny plastic bulbs. I hate the glass ones with the daycare and my girls but unless you are looking up close you can not tell they are plastic! Score.

I got them at Walmart too- 8 bulbs for .97. You really can't beat that...

My last idea from the site was to wrap gifts and instead of using gift tags, use pictures. Gaby is turning 10 on Sunday and I needed to wrap her gifts while she was not at home. It was fun to use the pictures and also a trip down memory lane.

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