Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last step...

Decorating the tree!

Saturday night we dug out the kids' ornament boxes. Our tree is simple, each child has an ornament from each year since they have been born. I still have my box of 30+ ornaments and to this day buy a dated bulb to keep the tradition going. Last year was the first year I didn't put all my childhood bulbs up. It's about our family now and their bulbs. It means a lot to me to see just in 10 years how each child has changed and how their interests grow.

Kadyn loved getting the ornaments up.

Dad and Kenni; she really got into it this year. When the pine needles would poke her she'd say, "ouchie, ouchie".

My oldest Peanut, it's amazes me how big she is getting. It seems like yesterday we were still in our two bedroom apartment celebrating her first Christmas! She was only a month old and my brother was meeting her for the first time.

Mia only had three ornaments to hang so she kept stealing bulbs from her sisters to hang. Or she would take them off the tree and rehang them!

Putting on the angel... Our little angel comes from Dustin's Mema.

Our little tree decorating crew!

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