Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our special guest

As a part of "Literacy through the Day" training, ERC staff comes out to do a reading activity. The kids welcomed Ms. E today as she read, "The Little Red Hen". The kids are still calling it the chicken book.

After the story was complete, the peanuts named all the characters in the book. They made a cool list and even added pictures to the paper.

Then they were able to match up letters to the names. The kids did great as we explored the new story. Ms. E left us with our own copy so we can read it over and over.

The peanuts are acting out our song of the week, "10 in the bed". They loved singing it and rolling over and over.

While I was getting art ready, Kendal sat in my circle time chair. I looked over to see her pointing and counting at the calendar. She was so cute- she knows our routine for sure.

During our learning time, we talked about activities we do when it is dark. Today we made firefly jars and fireflies. The kids had a wonderful imagination as we pretended to catch fireflies.

We focused on number 7 and 8. We used 7 stars and 8 apples in our journals.

My little group of peanuts learned the poem, "Star Light". They made a starry night picture for their project.

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