Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank you for being my friend...

I totally know I am blessed when it comes to the friend department. God is awesome- He puts people in your life at the right and moment for a reason. I had a great reminder of this just today!

At the end of my day- I was tired. I had juggled daycare and a sick kiddo.
Here is what I posted on Facebook:

Most of the day spent running between my bedroom with lifeless kid and living room with daycare. She is bummed she can't stay on the couch in the same room with me. My job has a lot of perks, this however isn't one of them.
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Within minutes, I received this message in my inbox! Like I said, I am blessed to have such great friends!!! Thanks so much friend, you totally made my day!

Sending you one via Facebook..saw your post and I remember those days..but see you have this invisible cape and you will make it!!! I admire you from afar and you inspire me all day long just so you know. Your pictures remind me of how life is precious ..EVERY SINGLE moment..so thanks for posting today..makes me realize life is truly about the little things..wiping tears, finding monkeys, holding hands, and lots of kisses..

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