Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Trying to stay busy... I know I snack a lot more while the kids are free playing. So, I have been keeping a list of projects to work on to keep me out of the kitchen. Today, I re did all of the pictures for our helper board and cubbies.

Yesterday was a great nap time- was able to get a lot of things done and caught up.

Gaby's spring soccer schedule is starting this week- which is a little silly since I still see snow. But whatever. Spring soccer means uber busy, they practice 2x a week and then a game on Saturday.

Dustin met with the personal trainer last night at the gym we belong to and I signed up for Jazz it off. I have an awesome friend and partner and I can't wait to do some big things.

This last week I have meet a couple SHES mom's at the gym to run/walk. This has been great. A) having someone to talk to while working out makes the time go by faster and B) it held me accountable. Couple times I probably would have went to bed but I knew they would be going to workout so it was nice to have them there this week and C) I feel like I am getting some social time in. I feel like I am muli-tasking. Chatting it up with friends and working out. Great combo! Thanks Ladies.

Today Kadyn has been home... sick... kinda??!! She has no temp but went to bed as soon as she came home from school yesterday. She woke up warm but no temperature. She looks so sad and lethargic. So, I had her stay home. She watched movies all morning and now is crashed out in my bed again.

Our schedule for daycare has been off a little bit. Yesterday we totally did art in the afternoon. I don't mind but it makes our day different, not bad but different.

Kendal is starting to interact more and more in daycare activities... today she had a blast with the hula hoops.

It's about time. I finally got new kitchen towels and hot pads. I was so excited to find the colors of my kitchen at Target. I *heart* that store. So, new towels it is. I use 3-5 in one day with daycare. They really get a lot of use out of them. Love the bright colors. It almost makes me happy to clean the kitchen... I said ALMOST!

My new digs... last week I took some time for me. I went shopping for some outfits. A lot of my things were not fitting or I just felt frumpy dumpy. So. I went shopping. Most of the time I just grab something (I normally have my kids with me) and hope it looks okay. I went to probably 10 stores trying things on, finding a great pair of jeans, and shirts that fit and kinda show off some of my progress... On a moments notice, I cut me hair the same day. I didn't tell Dustin or anyone until I came home. It's a fun look and I am glad I did it. However it takes more time to fix it now then it did before... Oh well! I feel great right now. A little frustrated that these last set of pounds seem to take forever to get rid of but I know with a little more push they will be gone soon!

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