Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My little cutie pie... Kadyn got a new raincoat for Christmas. This morning was the first time she got to wear it. It is her- and she wears it well. I love this girl. She loves wearing girlie skirts, tights and sparkle shoes. I hope she never changes!

Is is weird I have so many randoms I share with everyone? I dunno, you tell me! I love taking pictures of everything and I love sharing. I am an open book... so read on friends!

Since nap time has started I have already cleaned out my closet of all my winter shirts and "bigger" sized items. I am tired of looking at both.

I have Mumford & Sons (on YouTube), "The Cave" playing as I blog and send out daycare updates. I have played it over 20 times and I wish I could just turn it up load and jam... but I can't! Still a great song. Check it out!

I am still in love with this Christmas present... I love I can make 2 batches of grilled cheese sandwiches and it takes less then 5 minutes. On average, I feed 9 kids (depending on the day) and 2 adults. I need all the time saving kitchen ware I can get my hands on.
My cute shirt... I know you can't see it very well. It is for St. Patrick's Day... "Kiss me I am Irish". My husband said, "no you are aren't". And I replied, "Anything to get me kisses, I'll wear".

One of my daycare parents sent me the nicest email ever yesterday. She told me that she loves how uch time I devote to the kids and the education/lessons. That made my day! She is an educator as well and to have a compliment like that just gave me an awesome boost! I truly have good families to work for/with.

I am getting close- I think I stayed at the same weight for 2 weeks. I was bummed but I know it happens. I am seeing changes though. Is that more important then the scale number? I don't know. I like to see both... lower number and seeing results. But, I know when I was getting some new spring items for my wardrobe, I was a size smaller in jeans and a size smaller in shirts. I see my abs now, I see the tummy area getting smaller- my hope is that my legs are next. I want to wear cute carpi pants soon!

I will hold on hope... my goal is just around the corner peeps!!!

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