Friday, March 4, 2011

sick kids are not awesome...

Kadyn was home 3 days. The first 2 days she stayed in my room sleeping. She temp finally reached 104 after sleeping for 6 hours. Dustin came home early and took her in to the dr. All they said was that it was viral.

Night of day 2, Kendal got sick. She threw up from 1am to 3am. She had 3 baths, 5 bedding changes and 4 blanket changes before she stopped for the night! This was her first time to throw up and she was scared and wasn't sure what was happening!

The next day, I closed for a sick day... once again I cleaned toys, (just did last Friday for our weekly cleaning), washed all bedding, wiped mats down, opened up the windows and pray this germ bug goes away!

Kadyn finally started to feel better on Day 3. No temp to speak of but still pretty tired and not eating a lot. We had some of her homework sent home and yesterday she was finally up to starting some of it.
That was our sick days in a nut shell. Today, Kadyn went to school and Kendal woke up fever free. She is still uber needy but I will take that over throwing up and fevers any day!

Happy Friday!

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Danna said...

Ugh, puking bugs are the worst! I am happy to hear that the girls are feeling better!