Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun...

Our St. Patrick's Day green snacks... or feast. After all of these goodies, the kids barely ate lunch! All the kiddos could bring snacks if they wanted to. We had cookies, ice cream, mint Oreo, grapes and sun chips (these weren't green but came in a green bag- it counts).

Our awesome plates full of food- even have enough for afternoon snack... score!

The kids were wanting to go outside... who could blame them. I started to get our art project out and we took a vote, outside or art. All I can say is that we have no art pictures, so you know what won. I know our craft time will get worked back into our day but man we have missed this great weather- so while we have it, we will enjoy it!

Once a week, I have a full house- everyone that is enrolled is here! Here are all of my peanuts on green day. On my full house day, my mom loves to help out and play with the kids.

J bag time!!!
Have I mentioned how much fun we have had doing this activity? This project appeals to all the kids no matter how old. They all get so excited when pulling their belongings out of their bag!
They have such excitement to learn- and that is one of the million reasons I love this job!

Thanks for checking in on us and hope you are enjoying this awesome day!

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