Monday, March 14, 2011


I have added so many new recipes into the next month of dinner menus... I am so very excited! They are pretty kid friendly, fast prep, and healthier side of things! This was one I made on Sunday... Cheese burger french loaf.
This past weekend was super crazy! I think Dustin and I spent less then an hour together the entire time- it was an on the go, running weekend. One thing I did get to do- something I have wanted to do for a long time- is take a photography class. I love our camera but want to know how to use it better! I learned some fun basics. During the break- I was playing and shot a couple of pictures! Still so much to learn... sigh!
I am getting back into some crafting projects... I am super excited! I am making a couple of projects this week for some friends- I can't wait to post who they turn out! I so miss having hours and hours of crafting time!
Spring cleaning time... get new tooth brushes, new shower curtains, switch the sheets and flip em' over the mattress. Our last buy of tooth brushes... 15.00 worth, right here!

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