Friday, December 11, 2009

Wrapping up the week... random, random, random!

I must admit that I was not disappointed that some of activities were canceled and we stayed at home for 3 straight nights. We weren't even that productive in getting things done for the holidays but we enjoyed the time at home and even the snow day on Wednesday.

Even though I learned a huge, massive, never gonna do it again, life lesson... I am thankful that I am in position that life lessons can happen and I can learn from them. So, I guess while I am still festering over it, I am blessed I am learning from it.

I had never been so excited to open a medical bill and see the part that says, "insurance paid...". I sure haven't seen that in a while and it brought me to tears this week as I saw our new insurance policy is kicking in, no questions asked, and so far has been a smooth transition.

I am a proud parent... my oldest baby had her second grade winter concert this week and she sung her heart out! She looked stunning in her holiday gear and she beamed the entire night as she knew it was her night. Gaby has been practicing for the concert for weeks and they had to memorize over 8 songs. I am also a sappy parent. There are times I was watching my little girl on stage and I would tear up for the fact she is growing up. Where have the last 8 years of her life gone? And, what did Dustin and I do before we had her to wrap our life around? I love that she is older and I am experiencing things for the first time with her, but I sure do wish it would slow down a little!

I am done with Christmas shopping... and have been for a while. Dustin and I were able to take a day while grandparents watched the kids and knock out our lists. Well. They are bought and nothing else. So, I am excited that Poppi and Amy are taking the oldest girls to see a musical tomorrow afternoon so I can play Christmas elf and wrap, wrap, and wrap. I even ordered Dustin's gift online this week, and that evening manged to spill the beans to him on what I had gotten! All I can report is that , "I done good".

There are several things that continue to be on my plate for daycare... I have finished up paperwork for a program and while still working on a grant program along with a daycare inspection that could still happen any day! I am excited for these projects that are on my plate and grateful that I am able to participate in them. At the same time, I sometimes feel like I am hoop jumping. But, after it is all said and done, I will be excited to show off my master plans that are in the works!

Just a lot of randoms, checking in, reporting on my week. Nothing too important but wow, I think I could ramble on forever like it was!!! I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit since it is just around the corner!!!

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