Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Randoms...

We normally celebrate on Christmas Eve(and we did with family)... But this year we had the girls wait until Christmas morning so we could enjoy watching them open mom and dad gifts. A new tradition.

Even though we were in a blizzard watch Christmas Eve night, my brother & family and my grandma & dad all made it from KC safe and sound to celebrate Christmas.

Gaby asked for 100 pieces of Turkey Jerky on her Christmas list... Papa and Grammy got her 2 huge bags full of it. She was a happy lil' girl.
Gaby and Dustin shared a Christmas gift this year... Tony Hawk Ride for the Wii. It was funny to listen to an 8 year old trash talk her old man.

We had 3 Christmas celebrations this year... the weekend before at Dustin's mom's house, Christmas Eve at our place with my family, and Christmas Day at Dustin's dad's house.

The girls got a karaoke machine and when no one is looking they bust a gut signing into the mic.

Gaby got a scooter from Dustin and I. The entire day was spent yelling between Gaby and Kadyn because K wanted to ride her scooter so much. So, even though Kadyn had lots of wonderful "stuff", we allowed her to use her Christmas money and buy a scooter the next day just so the fighting would stop.

Christmas Eve night Kadyn and my niece Reese played with naked Barbie's in Kadyn's new Barbie pool.
Dustin and I exchanged gifts before Christmas... he got an Iphone and I got an Edward Barbie doll. Then on Christmas morning under the tree, I had a digital frame flipping through 7 years of pictures. What a treat to see! It is my favorite!

The kids got way too much stuff...

It was a fun time watching Mia get into "unwrapping" gifts this year. She would rip the packages and throw the wrapping paper! Her new saying of the season is/was, "I want that" taught to her by the kids in my daycare.
The entire Christmas week, we ate, ate, and ate! On the eve, we had shrimp, little BBQ hotdogs, chips and cheese dip, cookies, sweets, meats and cheeses, sandwich tray, and snack mixes. It was so yummy!!!

Until Next Year!!!

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