Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cookie week

has started at daycare... and let me say I can hardly wait. To make cookies everyday in the name of education and hands on teaching experiences... what could be better?

Each day we will make an art project and cookie that go with each other. We will get a lot of time in the kitchen and lots of baking knowledge to share. Today we did sugar cookies. We colored frosting, used cookie cutters, measured out the ingredients and made made wonderful cookies!
For our art, we painted with Christmas cookie cutters... even my younger ones were able to participate in this project. Mia really just wanted to eat the paint...
After we baked and let the cookies cool off, we decorated. Against every OCD bone in my body, I stepped back, gave them the frosting and let them go at it. They had a blast...
And here are our festive cookies that have loads and loads of frosting on them just waiting to go home tonight...(we all had one while decorating- you think I would let them eat THAT much frosting in one time? ---nope---) gotta save some sugar for the moms and dad... =)

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