Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our wonderland...

Tuesday night after the daycare day was done, Gaby and Kadyn bundled up to play on the hill at the side of out house. It makes for an awesome sledding hill and the kids from the neighborhood come to play.
Our first night... just a light snow but enought to make snowballs....
and sled... Kadyn was fearless this year. She wanted no help from no one!
Wednesday we had a snow day. I still had daycare so we waited until the work day was finished and the temps were a little higher. Then we all bundles up this time and played in the snow. This time we had a little more to play with!

Mia had a blast all bundled up and riding in the wagon. She reminds me of "The Christmas Story". When the littlest brother falls down and is so bundled up he can't get up..."Ralpie, don't leave me". Mia wasn't that bad but close to it. Her coat pretty much wears her!
All three of the Fluke girls...

Red noses, frosted cheeks, and wet jeans... We love snow days!

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