Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Looking back on 2009

And what a year it has been. I can openly say I am ready to put the year behind me and start anew!

2009 started out with Dustin loosing his job. This left us with one income, no health insurance, and did I mention one income??? This was a crazy and emotional time for us as a family! Even today as I think back to those 6 months, I still don't know how we made it through, but some how God did.

We had our ups and downs but believe it or not, Dustin being out of work made me realize what a hard working, responsible, loving, and provider of a husband I really do have. He took up odd computer jobs, part time work folding boxes, and then went to a part time computer job he stayed until we had an answer to prayers. A full time job with benefits. God is good! Even when I was frustrated, in tears, and upset at why loosing his job had happened, Dustin never was. He was a rock.

With the loss of his job came challenges. Finding health care for Gaby, Kadyn, and Mia, staying positive, telling people everything was fine when I really wanted to break down, and being humbled. Through these challenges Dustin and I grew stronger. As husband and wife, as best friends, and in believers in Christ.

2009 also through us some curve balls. The day Dustin accepted his full time job, I was feeling sick. I believed it to be nerves as he was starting a new adventure. Three days later, I knew it wasn't nerves but I was pregnant. (I told you Dustin and I grew stronger as husband and wife). Talk about shock... I had it in my heart that Mia would be our last baby. But no, we will be adding baby girl Kendal in less then 7 weeks. There are days I look at my perfect, never talking back, always looking their best children and think, "how is another child going to fit into all of this madness? I mean perfectness?". But as we did a lot this year, we will put it in God's hands as he knows how we will adjust, make room, and provide for our growing family!

Just a month ago- I learned another huge and important life lesson that cost my family some money. It was something I had overlooked and actually didn't know about. I should have been more aggressive when I did find out about it and when it came to handling the situation but instead I avoided it. I guess I thought it would go away. I still don't want to share details as I have only told one close friend. No worries, the situation is behind me (I didn't break any laws or kill anyone and cover it up) and I have learned another lesson and I can't hide from things even when I really want to!

Looking back on this year a lot has changed. Relationships and friendships have changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. I have changed. I want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and daycare provider. I want to set an example of for my daughters as well. I want to continue to live a life that is well balanced and most of all I want to start this upcoming year fresh and with no regrets.

I hate making goals... I never follow through with them but I still have some, I guess, goals for the new year.
*continue to work out- I took a couple months off as I wasn't feeling good and we were super busy with kids activities. I am back to working out 3 times a week. Once Kendal is born I hope to get back to 4-5 times. I would like to do more, but I am staying real here!
* have house projects finished by Feb. We are moving kids' rooms around, daycare things around, adding a outside/inside rec type of a room and getting a new dinning room table that will fit a family of 6 around it!
*finish up 2 programs I am enrolled in for daycare.
* continue my commitment as an Awana leader at church even when Kendal is born as I get such motivation from the kids that attend this program.
* make a date night for Dustin and I monthly.
* make a scarp booking night for me monthly.

Looking back at 2009... we are a stronger family because of all the events, not done nor closed to finished living life and nor learning from it. So, I guess in the long run, 2009 has had to happen for a reason. Cheers to a new year and with God's help starting it off right!

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