Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So, Dustin got his Christmas gift early this year...

He has wanted an Iphone for forever. We have never had the right phone carrier to make this happen. Dustin has kept dropping hints like, "none of our phone are under contract any more". And, "If I had this phone, I could look that up". So, I kinda knew what family plan we had and what we needed in order to make this happen.
Last week, I called At&t and was on the phone for over an hour. I was still on the phone when he got home from work. All he heard was me giving my information, debit card info., and agreeing.
So, because of everything he heard, I had to spill the beans on his gift so help reassure him I wasn't posting bail bond or something else crazy!
So, here is my happy hubby on the day his phone came in...

Last Saturday while Kadyn and Gaby were at Cinderella, Dustin and I had a gift wrapping party... Everything is wrapped and ready to go. We had to stuff a lot in the back so daycare kids and Mia wouldn't mess with them... so far so good! I love our tree!

We were able to get a lot done when Mia was sleeping but when she woke up, she wanted to help too. She loved the paper!

This was taken this morning... in my new jeans, almost 32 weeks and a really bad hair day!

Last night we had some errands to run and Dustin was meeting us out on the west side from work. The kids and I started out at Target. We walked in, Mia and Kadyn are in a cart and Gaby is walking nicely beside me. We stopped and got snacks at the snack area because it just helps to make it through Target without any meltdowns.
Because they were acting good, I went to look at jeans that would stay up, not fall down when I would walk, and were reasonable in price. I found my size and took my cart to try them on. Dustin still wasn't there yet so I had a cart full of kids and snacks and needed to try the jeans. I told the lady I needed to try one item on, she replies, "you can't take them in there in the cart". I replied, " I can't leave them out here and they can't get out at the moment with the food". She then comes back with, "it's a fire hazard". I THEN came back with, " I'll take that big room right there, the cart will go with me and if there is a fire in the next 5 minutes while I am trying these on, I won't be in anyone's way". She continues to talk, and that point, I am loosing it. I then replied to her, " Just call your manager and by the time I am done trying these on she'll be here and I will talk to her". I then grabbed my cart, my many children, their food, and went into the dressing room and tried these jeans on.
I almost wanted them not to fit so I would have a reason not to buy them, but they did... and they look good! When we left (3 minutes later) there was 3 Target employee's there but none said a word to I handed in my number and left... buying the jeans.

Normally I am a rule follower. But anyone could see that I was not going to get everyone in the dressing room unless they were sitting in the cart. I was frustrated and the night went downhill from there... I totally blame Target! But... I bought my jeans, stuff for the girls' school parties, and now I don't have to go back for a long while which might not be a bad thing for me or my budget!

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