Wednesday, December 2, 2009

and we continue...

to decorate...decorate... and decorate!

Today we made Christmas gifts- our tags are from Santa and each of them told me they have been good. Kadyn later confessed, "mommy, there are days when I am naughty, but that's okay, right?"

My younger bunch doing their art too- after watching the bigger kids, they catch on very well and love art time too.

My 2 peas in a pod showing off their finished project...

More gifts to hang up to make our daycare festive for the holidays...

Our next project was making trees. We started out with some one on one time at the table, mainly for mess control, and frosted out ice cream cones with the magical green frosting.

Then we came together as a group and decorated our tree using m&m's, red hots, and cereal.
They LOVED this. My favorite question was, "what do we do if we get frosting on our fingers?". I replied, "lick it off". I was getting cheers for that answer.

Our candy tree mess...

Somehow, I am not even sure when we found time, but we did... we decorated our letter "O" with cheerios. This simple hands on project we do each week has been the best help in learning our letters.

Our finished Winter Wonderlands... so cute!!!

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