Monday, December 7, 2009

free night of daycare...

was this past Friday. Every year I provide a night where my daycare kids can stay until 10pm free of charge so my parents can shop, go to Christmas parties, relax, see a movie or whatever. It is my way of saying Thank You to my wonderful families. I stole this idea from a friend and local provider, Dawn. This was my 3rd year in doing the late night. Each year it runs smoother and smoother as I learn what works and what does not!

Here is my late night group...
We started off the night playing, dancing to Christmas music then eating pizza.
Then we spend a part of our night doing a Christmas craft and snack. This year we made stick trees and decorated frosted pretzel sticks with sprinkles and toppings!
Then we ended the night in our PJ's and watching Christmas movies. I had bought Santa Buddies as a surprise and they loved it! By the time parents picked up, they were all worn out and ready for bed!

Kadyn asked me before going to sleep, "mommy, can we have my daycare friends stay late again?" My reply, "Yes honey... next December!".

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