Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 2 of decorating...

And boy did we work hard... Today we made holiday wreaths to hang. We started out by painting our plates, then taking a break to....

make wreath sugar cookies.

We had fun making circle cookies then using a small cookie cutter to make the "O" in the middle. Did you catch that...O is our letter of the week too...hmmm, my kids caught it!

The best part of this time was making the white frosting turn into green frosting by using food coloring. I know, not as exciting for us adults but for 2-4 year olds, it's magic!
While our cookies were baking, my older group cut the circle out of the middle of their wreath. Then we added glue and red glitter for some fun festive red berries!!!

We decorated our cookies and added some red hots to stay with our wreath theme. Some of my gang even counted the red hots as they decorated... music to my ears!

More snack time... happy kids!

Our finished product... hanging up (until Friday- then parents get a change to decorate their house with our projects)

Even one for the front door- I love it!

Happy December 1st!

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