Friday, January 7, 2011


It's like Christmas for the daycare... Peanut Gallery Daycare is starting the second year of being a part of KQRIS program. This program is awesome. Lots of hoops to jump through but this is what all the hard work and time is all about.
Last night our tumbling/activity mat arrived. Once I pulled this out for our Friday Fun Day... I pretty much lost the kids. They loved it!

Another fun addition was some toddler music toys. I have instruments that are geared for my preschool aged kids but now I have some easy to grab toys for the little ones.

This is our germ kit! I AM SO EXCITED! We have had people come from the ERC in the past teaching us about germs. They use this awesome kit with a black light and lotion that shows all the germs on our hands. Now, we have one and can use it often as a reminder of proper hand washing techniques. So excited about this!!!

This box makes me happy! A friend of mine has a little girl little older then Kendal. So, every season after she packs up her little ones clothing she lets me look through it to buy. This is such a blessing. I am now set for summer and she has some awesome outfits that I can not wait to have her wear!!!! Again, I am just flipping happy with the awesome deals!

What an exciting day... we had a big truck at our house. All the kids ran to the window to watch as they delivered some goodies to our garage! Between the new mat and the truck, we have had an exciting morning!

All the boxes in the garage! My poor hubby (and hopefully some friends) have some fun things to put together. The kids were excited just seeing the boxes... I told you it was Christmas for them all over again!

And yes, this is a picture of my trash! Trash day is really my favorite day of the week, plus it is Friday so really it is my favorite day! But today has totally sucked. I think I have spent more time chasing down our wind blown garbage then spent inside. So, after the 5th time of rearranging the boxes, picking up our cans that had fallen over, and picking up bags of random trash... I put rocks on everything to hopefully hold everything in place until the trucks come!!!

Happy Friday!

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