Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brr! It cold outside

While getting back into the swing of things with daycare, we are doing a simple and fun lesson on winter, cold, ice ect!
Today the big kids helped during circle time. This was Kadyn's first time to read a book to the little kids. It was really neat to see and hear her read her book. Granted, it was Brown Bear, but she did very word and used her pointer finger just like they do in her class. This momma is happy!
Then we played a game. We had 2 bags of ice going around our circle, those were our ice bergs. When the music stopped, the 2 kids with the icebergs had to stand up and do a shiver dance. It was a fun time- then our ice bag broke and we had little icebergs everywhere!
To keep with our cold theme, we made a chilly snack! Smoothies! Yummo! The school aged kids read the directions and added the fruit, milk, and ice and I blended!
We all enjoyed our chilly cold day today!

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