Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My big hairy mess...

We have big plans for this year... starting with our house! These are some before and during pictures of our progress. We are switching and moving everyone around...again, to make this house, which I love, work for 7 people and daycare.

Here is our bedroom... I love the smaller room however when I put my bike and Kendal's pack in play in here, we have no room. It has worked for us for close to a year but now Kendal is older and is going to be moved into her own crib in Mia's old room. She was in our room because Mia was not old enough or ready to have a baby that still gets up during the night sleeping with her. Hello De-clutter... I can not wait to have my room back!!!

Soon to be Gaby's room. We are moving her bed and furniture down there tonight. This was taken while packing up and moving everything out of my mom's 2nd bedroom. Everything is a huge mess which makes me crazy. Hopefully by Thursday it'll all be put back together. After everything in moved into her space, we'll begin building walls. Gaby is 9 years old and needs some growing up girl space. She is excited but sad not to share her bunk bed with Kadyn. Such a sweet girl!
Soon to be family room...
Most excited about this. We will turn this area into a family room that will have a nicer TV, sitting space, scrapbooking area, exercising bike, and a living space that will be free from toys, daycare items, and such. A nice place to relax for the older peeps in the family!!!
My mom's second room... I didn't get it before I had packed everything up. She used this room for her Mary Kay (which she still sells if anyone needs anything), microwave, food storage ect. So, everything is moved out and this room will become Mia and Kadyn's new room. It is small but fits their dresser, special toys, and bed.

Can't wait to post more pictures as things shape up!!!

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