Sunday, September 2, 2012

pants and a hurt foot...

Since working at the nursery at church, we try to attend 8am service as a family. Some Sunday's are better then others. This morning was not an A+ morning. The older three girls were up and ready to go on time and everything. I went to wake Kendal up and she was a grump. I pick out her outfit, a shirt and carpi pants, and start our daily routine. When it was time to get her pants on she freaked out. She wanted nothing to do with them.

 At this point I need her to be ready so we can leave. I decided this was a battle I was going to pick. I MADE her keep her pants on. Kenni continued to throw her fit. I left her in her room to settle down as the rest of us were getting breakfast. I walk back in, she is still screaming and pants are around her ankles.

I pick her up so I can fix her hair, while she is still screaming. As I am carrying this two year old flailing body in the hallway, I loose my balance. I lean over to catch us and I trip over the fan that Dustin puts in the hallway at night. I am flustered because Kendal is throwing a massive fit, I can't get her hair fixed, and I have hurt my foot.

We finally make it out the door and get to church...

Kendal is doing great and is in her Sunday school room.  I see her in the hallway and her teacher said she wanted to use the potty. She has NEVER asked to use the potty. I was a little excited when I heard this. I start thinking maybe she is finally ready to potty train. A few minutes later I hear she had a potty accident and needs to change her pants. I told her teachers not to worry about it and leave her in her diaper.

When Dustin and I pick her up from her class, Kendal said, "I have not pants, I don't want them". I can not help but think the small little two year old person knew she would not have to get her pants back on if she asked to go to the potty. She also told Dustin, "I sorry about my pants".

That kid knew she didn't want to wear her pants. And, she won. I picked the battle and now I still have a hurt foot and she did not have to wear her pants. Kendal 1, mom 0.

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