Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Hubby's gift...

Let me start by saying I hate surprises. I am not a good, "gift getter". However, my hubby knocked me off my socks today. After nap, I went to the mail box and brought in a package that was addressed to him. I didn't think anything of it since he gets coffee stuff all the time. He went to Lowe's to get hooks and came back with Happy Birthday balloons and my favorite cupcake from Billy Vanilly. I was so excited when he came through the door... the daycare kids were too, they loved the balloons.

After he realized what the package was, he opened it and gave it to me. My all time favorite band, The Killers, released their new CD today. He pre-ordered the CD and concert tee- I have a collection of their concert tee and all their CD's. Best Hubby award goes to Dustin... I can't wait to rock out to my new CD while wearing my shirt!!!

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