Monday, September 10, 2012

Mom's new place

 Saturday my dad, brother, and sister packed up my mom and moved her into her own apartment. Here is her bare room at our house after everything was packed and moved. Her furniture had not been moved in 7 years. We have a little cleaning to do.
 This is her living room. We are still waiting for shelf's to be hung but we went by yesterday to finish up the rest of her unpacking.  The kids were pretty excited to see mom's new space.
 Her kitchen area... small but meets her needs. Now she can have her pink kitchen she has wanted....
 Her bedroom. Her place is a one bedroom apartment. Everything looks really nice and has a spot. Her place has some great storage and closet room.
 Her bathroom is really nice and has lots of room. It is a handicapped place so it has pull strings and bars to help her out. 
Another view of her room.

It's certainly a big change to have my mom move out. I think this will be an excellent community for my mom. We are very happy for her and hope for a great new chapter for her.

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