Thursday, September 27, 2012


 School pictures came back yesterday... I was pretty please with how they turned out and I was really please at how cheap they were since Dustin worked at the school all day on picture day. It was a nice treat. I was excited Dustin was up to the task of volunteering, even though it is usually something I like to do... Here is Kenni, our 2 year old. She looks so much older in this picture. 
 Here is Mia... our 4 year old. My little sassy pants. She is in Pre-K this year and LOVES her class, which makes me happy. I am sad to think she will be in all day school next year. That is just not cool.

To blog or not to blog... I love doing it. I love being open, honest, and out there about what our "real" life is about. I love posting daycare pictures for my parents and keeping them informed. However it takes time. When I started blogging, I didn't have 2 jobs. My nap time was a little more free. So my goal is to continue to blog, update, and post daycare pictures. It won't be everyday but I will continue to do what I can. I love having a place to lay it all out there...

Kendal refuses to wear pants. I don't know why but this is a battle I have been fighting for a while now. I am worried about fall/winter when it gets cooler. She continues to go potty on her own on the big girl potty at least 1x a day. No routine or structure to why or when she decides to go but she does. And I let her. I am not forcing the issue because I know it will come some time. I guess with your 4th child I really just don't care when she gets potty trained...
 Kadyn is my 7 year old. I love her picture but was bummed she didn't smile her big toothless grin. Last year we always pulled her hair up with fun bows and this year she likes to leave it down. My little girl.

I tried to "maintain" the last 6 months as far as my weight has been. Again, this has proven this to be a challenge for me and I failed. I actually gained weight as my guard seemed to be down. I can feel it. I feel more stress when I am not working out 5-6 days a week. So... I guess you know what that means... back to what I know. We'll see what happens next! It's always a roller-coaster!
 And here is my soon to be 11 year old Gaby. Dustin doesn't like this picture... it makes me laugh because this is just Gaby. She will not smile, she will not let me fix her hair, and she will NOT do re-takes like Dustin suggested. I just sat back and let Dustin battle this one out. My little soccer frills for her!!! She is just beautiful in her own way, which makes her all the more special.

 Our Awana programs are in full swing now... last night Kendal was so excited to get her "Puggles" shirt. She wouldn't stand long enough for me to get her picture. She is the cutest lil Puggle I know!

 Last night in Cubbies we talked about God's big announcement (Gabriel coming down and telling Mary she would have a son, Jesus)  and good news to cheer about. Last night I was the Cubbie cheerleader. It was a fun time. I'd do just about anything for fun, crazy, out there, for my Cubbie group! I really have an outstanding group of leaders and kids to work along side.
 We are the house with the blue door... Do I dare say we are finally done painting the house??? And when I say "we", I totally mean Dustin. The house looks much updated and the trim looks great. We were trying to use up paint we had from other projects so we went with blue. It's bright, cheerful, and out there... kinda like me! So, it is a keeper! I am so proud of my husband for all the hard work and time that was put into our home. I am just excited to tell people when giving directions, "we're the house with the blue door". I mean really, how many people can say that??!!

 We are seeing if it is worth fixing our van we have now or trading it in. After taking my mom to the store this week, I may or may not have backed into one of those bright yellow poles in the Walmart parking lot. Monday was a busy night. after the store I had to come home and switch cars. I forgot to mention to Dustin about my backing up experience when he saw it on his own. To which he replies, "well that isn't going to help our trade in value". Gotta love that man!
Our new family pet... Lola. She was given to us from our neighbor. They had babies and needed to find homes. They sweetened the deal by giving us a cage too- so the girls have a new friend....

I have more daycare pictures from this week. I have been doing most of my daily emails and blogging from my lap top and have yet to figure out how to download from the camera. I am sure it'll be an easy task after I ask Dustin or try to figure it out.

Until Then... that is what is on my mind. Have a great Thursday!!!

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