Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Yesterday's friendly game of soccer before the big kids leave for school... everyone was over here to play. It was a beautiful morning to start out outside.
 Boys were being silly... both said they had babies in their tummies.
 Today we started our September journals. We worked on writing our names, Letter A, and Letter B.
 This week we are working on, "homes we live in".  Today we made "Happy Homes" that had each child's picture in the window. They all turned out super cute.

 Our learning board for the week... we introduced our letter B and B words for our letter bags. We also discussed who lives in our houses and how houses are all different in shapes and sizes. To finish up our learning time, we went on a circle hunt.
 Peanuts getting ready to go outside to play.
 The little ones doing their art.
Outside time before lunch... we had a fun Tuesday morning.

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