Friday, September 7, 2012


 Wednesday Night was our first night of Awana Clubs at Topeka Bible Church. Dustin and I are pumped and ready to go. D works with TnT and does 3rd grade boys group. This is D's 2nd year... I tried to bribe him to come over to the blue side and rejected me. He enjoys his older kids.
 This is my 2nd year as Cubbie director. I am excited to meet all of our new Cubbies and see all my returning ones this year. We are sitting at 95 Cubbies this year... very cool!
 Mia is my little Cubbie, this is her 2nd year!
 Gaby is in TnT again. She was totally happy to get to wear a tee shirt this year and not a polo.

Kadyn is in Sparks. This is her 3rd year. Next year she'll move on up...

Kendal is in Puggles this year too... this is a program for 2 year olds that have parents doing Awana. I'll get her picture once we have her shirt. So, every Wednesday until May, you'll know where to find us.

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