Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 The hallway of kids... for some reason they love to gather here. We are doing some library time.
 My silly peanuts... we made frosted brownies for my birthday today. I had lots of helpers this morning.
 Taking turns adding water, oil, eggs, and mixing...
 Our new theme is beautiful earth. Today we made trees and added fall leafs and owls to them. 

 We also introduced "Letter C" today. We practiced tracing the letter, writing it by our self, and then colored "C" words.
 Music and dancing time... each year we get a CD of songs that go along with our themes and lessons. I loved last years CD. I thought the songs were catching and cute. I can not say the same about this year! We listened to half of it this morning and was unimpressed with the hippy/folk crazy music that it had on it.... Hmmm! I'll give it one more chance...
Our group picture... 1 day a week we have everyone here. Today was our full house day. It was great to celebrate my birthday with this group of peanuts!!!

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