Tuesday, September 4, 2012

25 extra minutes...

I set my alarm for 25 minutes earlier... well, actually it WAS 45 minutes earlier but by the time I actually got up, it was only 25 minutes.

However... I folded my last two baskets of laundry
Read a devotion 
Started washing Kendal's bedding
Washed up the bathroom
Scrubbed the kitchen floors
Started cinnamon rolls for breakfast
Put wood oil/cleaner on our wooden kitchen cabinets
Put all of last nights folded laundry away
And prepped our dinner since tonight dance starts...

All because I was up an extra 25 minutes early. I am so not a morning person but it felt so good to have so much around the house finished before my first kiddo was entering my home for daycare! Cheers to trying to do it again tomorrow!

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