Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 This week we officially start our preschool themes, letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. To this point we had been reviewing and using our Summer lessons. Our curriculum we use made some awesome changes this year and I can't wait to dive in with the peanuts.

Our morning started out by tracing our hands and drawing our friends on our paper. After they finished they colored a special coloring sheet that a friend brought for everyone. This week's theme is "I am special".

 For music time we did "Ring Around the Rosie".  It is a favorite around here.

 As I stated before, we have had several new peanuts enroll this year. The past 3 weeks we have been working on getting our routine down, learning rules, and making friends. Now that we are getting settled in, I introduced our crayon system. I stole this a few years back from our SHES preschool program. Kids try to keep all three crayons each day. If they don't follow rules, after a warning, they will have to pull a crayon. At the end of the day they are rewarded based on how many crayons they have left.
 During our center play, we did doctor toys. The kids were coming up with some crazy stories about how they were hurt. They have a huge imagination for sure!

This picture cracked me up. C was using a power tool on Mia for her dental work... and that my friends, is why I have a healthy fear of the dentist.

Happy Mon.. oh wait... Tuesday!

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