Thursday, August 30, 2012

Randoms Late Night Addition

 Gaby had a band parent meeting Monday night. She knew she wanted to try percussion. In order to play the drums they have to learn to read music on the bells. I love this. When we grew up in band, drummers didn't have to learn the notes- I am excited this is a part of her music education. We were very lucky that Gaby's uncle Ian played drums and had a bell and snare kit we can borrow for the year. Whew- one monthly experience we can spare. Thanks Ian.

I am over the moon excited that she is doing band. When we were at the high school listening to the teachers speak I thought back to my good ol' days in band, Yes, my inner music geek is coming out. I meet some of my best friends in band, I meet Dustin in band, and I had loved being a part of a tight group like band. I loved marching band, pep band, jazz band, and concert band. My confidence, my out going personality, and the ability to take on challenges came from situations and being pushed in high school music. I hope that Gaby will enjoy music as much as Dustin and I do.

We are still adjusting to school routine. Correction, I am still adjusting to the school routine. I try to have Gaby and Kadyn up and ready before daycare arrives. Some mornings are better then others. We have a bigger bus stop crew this year as well. So, Dustin is normally outside with the school kids while I stay inside with the younger peanuts. The last 20 minutes before the bus comes is quiet the sight.

This week we kicked off our Awana clubs at church. We have over 90 three to five year old's enrolled. I was able to meet some of them last night as well as their parents. It was such a motivation to see all the kids and their excitement. They were full of energy and it was certainly contagious. Next week is our first official club meeting. 

Next week also kicks off all the programs such imom, bible studies, and parents day out programs that we provide nursery for. I am excited to get these programs going again. I have a wonderful nursery staff I get to work with and I know the kids will thrive and hear God's word during their time in the nursery.

Earlier today Kendal was climbing up Kadyn's dresser trying to reach her earrings. The drawers were pulled out and the dresser tipped over. Luckily, the bed caught the dresser from landing on Kendal. However Kk's globe, piggy bank from her mema, and picture frame broke. The glass went everywhere. Mia's bed, clothing, and floor. I am rewashing all of Kk's clothing and bedding to make sure we have all the glass out.

Speaking of doing a lot of laundry... Kendal dumped all of her clean clothing on top of her dirty laundry. Then mixed them all together. So... I am washing all of her laundry. Needless to say I hate laundry, I hate laundry, I hate laundry.  I am so out numbered when it comes to laundry and I am so behind.  

I just got back from working out and am wide awake. I so did not want to go but my neighbor has been picking me up to help hold me accountable. So I went, and I was so glad I did. I have fallen off whatever roller coaster wagon I have been on.  I am trying to focus just on working out right now. I want to be consistent so that is my #1 focus right now. Next I will add my food tracking into the mix. We will see how it goes after that... 

Dustin is busy preparing to teach and online class this semester for Washburn Tech. It something he can do totally from home. It is a fun, exciting, new adventure for him.

My mom is moving out of of home and into an apartment. This is a huge change for our family. She isn't moving too hard away and the kids have already planned movie nights at Grammy's. I pray this is a great move for her and that our kids will adjust to not having Grammy living with us. It has been 7 years since she moved in with us. It is all our kids know. I am excited for the chance for my mom, I am happy that she'll have her space to make a "home". It is a bonus to gain our down stairs space back along with a large bedroom. We have so many plans in our head... one being daycare. We are toying with idea of moving Mia and Kendal together, Kadyn getting her own room, and moving daycare TOTALLY downstairs. We will see!!!

Monday I tried Aldi's. I had all my reusable sacks ready and my quarter for the cart. Let me just say I am a planner when it comes to the store. I have my meals, snacks, and coupons ready. Since I had no clue what Aldi's offer, I had nothing. I stocked up on easy breakfast items and snacks. Other then that, my trip was a bust. I was flustered, overwhelmed, and still needed to go to Walmart to finish the rest if my food shopping. It ended up costing more this week in time and money. I will stick to what I know which is Walmart, basic couponing, price matching, and meal planning.

I guess I should wrap this up. I still want to watch my Hollywood Heights on teen nick and clean the bathroom up. Did you know that my toilet was flushed over 32 times yesterday during daycare... crazy huh. Probably more crazy that I was keeping track...

Thanks for checking in... Happy almost Thursday!

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