Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 So our house is still getting painted. This is really taking forever. We are to the painting trim part. Dustin and I had the perfect trim color picked out and ready to go. D put the color swatch on the mantel by the door. A week went by and I threw it away. I thought he had already bought the paint and we didn't need it anymore. WRONG! This week Dustin was looking for the swatch and we couldn't find it- I haven't had enough courage to fess up that I threw it away. Yesterday Dustin went to the paint store to try to "eye ball" the trim color we had picked out. He came home with this. Hmmm. Not my favorite color, in fact, I said it looked like poop. Like poop I see in diapers everyday. We were bummed the color looked so bad. Today he was going to look at more colors and finish. However, it started to rain. I think we are officially taking the longest amount of time to paint out home. It will look awesome when it is completed. We are even going to put a pop of color on the door... any guesses???

Tomorrow is our big day. Our Peanuts Gaby, Kadyn, and Mia are all going back to school. I really dislike this time of year- a little piece, hmmm, a big piece of me hates sending them back. With Mia being gone four afternoons a week, it is hitting me that my kids ARE growing up. Kendal will be my last "baby" at home with me. I do not have baby fever or wish to have anymore children however I miss them being little. I will cry tomorrow. On top of Mia starting her first day at SHES, it is her 4th birthday. On top of it being her 4th birthday, she got a big girl hair cut last night that seemed to age her by two years. It was her choice and she looks super cute.

 This is the napping game we play with Kenni. She will be jumping and singing in her bed then when I come in to tell her to go to sleep, she falls into her bed and puts her face into the pillow. It cracks me up. So, I took a picture. Little moments likes these I want to remember just like the big ones. This kid has personality, for sure. Her sisters listen to the Kids Bop Cd's. One of the albums has, "Firework" by Katy Perry. I will hear her on the monitor singing, "baby your a firework, oh oh". It cracks me up every time.
 On top of Mia getting her big girl hair cut, having her birthday on the first day of school, Grammy is coming home tomorrow. Yeah! Everyone is super excited. I never realized how much her living here at our home impacted the kids. They are older now and understand what happened. They have asked a lot of questions and they have missed her. On the nights we all couldn't visit the hospital, I always tried to take one kid. Last night Mia went so she could show Grammy her hair. Grammy always loved her long hair. I know she was bummed she wanted to cut it but admitted she looked adorable.

I have always stated that Gaby and my mom have a special bond. The past two weeks have been hard for her. Gaby has had trouble going to sleep and misses my mom, mainly at bed time. Finally one evening she broke down and told Dustin she thought it was her fault Grammy fell and had her seizures. Gabs thought if she had gotten up to get her medication it wouldn't have happened. Poor thing. My heart was sad for her. Dustin explained in great length it wasn't her fault. Love my tender hearted girl.
 Back view of Mia's hair... she goes around flipping it everywhere. It cracks me up. My sassy pants. I'm gonna miss this kid, but I know she is in great hands.
The last day before school. The kids crashed during a movie downstairs. They still love each other. Somedays I don't always witness it but today I did. Great reminder that I have wonderful children, they are such a blessing and I thank God for them everyday.

As you can see in the next posts we have been busy in the daycare world. I lost three kids to school and moving. I was super blessed to gain three families from one daycare that was closing. They are all SHES families and their children all know each other. This is huge. Having new kids come and have this great of a transition is just unheard of. We are still learning the rules, routine, and structure but I am so over the moon excited at how well everyone is doing. I was nervous for this past week as everyone started. But it has proven to be one of the best weeks ever. I am so pleased to have such a great group that welcomed our new friends, having new friends doing so well, and having wonderful families to work with. I am looking forward to a great school year.

Well, as I ramble I see that I have 4 baskets of laundry to fold, balloon animals that kadyn made to put up, and my room to clean because the food people are coming tomorrow and my paperwork is on the computer in my room. As fun as it is to ramble about things, I better get going and make good use of my rest time.

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