Monday, August 13, 2012

Extra pictures from daycare...

One of my friends decided to close her home daycare. I was very fortunate to take her little guy and her daycare families as well. It worked out well that my new friends this year are coming with kids they know. I am so excited about our new group of peanuts...

My little rock star Mia...

C came back to visit us during the summer. He is going to be in 1st grade- doesn't seem possiable, I have had him since he was a year old. I am thrilled to have A here too- I have had her since she was born. She is growing up. This past spring she has potty trained, started really getting into our crafts and started to really be vocal... :) I'm excited that A is growing up but still little enough that I get to take care of her.

My little peanut, A. So cute and so curious. She is exploring everything these days!  

Our last day pictures... K and A 

Giving Josh and Ainsley their good bye gifts.

M and A 

My favorite picture! 

Gaby graduating from Star Base Camp. This was one of Gaby's favorite camps. It was on Forbes Field. She learned and experienced a lot about machines, stars, and planes. 

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