Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iphone pictures...

 I love this picture of Dustin, it was taken after church on Sunday. He said he looks like he has been drinking, I think he looks amazing. I am thankful for this guy, my husband, my best friend. Boy, I have really leaned on him this past week. And, he still keeps me. I am am grateful!

 After church we had a lunch date with my mom. We brought in food - not sure Long John's is better then hospital food, but it was close. She is still at the hospital, now on the 4th floor. She isn't happy about it but at least she is getting some rehab and getting her body stronger. Hoping to find out some details of her next step as far as recovery goes.

 Taking the kids to my mom's room every night to visit. Kenni loves the pain chart posted in her room. She points out all the faces and describes them out loud. "You happy", " You sad".

 The kids love sleeping down stairs in the living room area. I really don't mind it but it always is a mess due to their arrangements. I asked around on FB to see if anyone had a futon for sale. This was a great compromise- the kids can sleep in basement on the futon and in the morning fold it up to the couch position. Our friend gave us a great deal on a futon and now we are all happy!!

 There is a local custard shop om town called,"G's". We took the kids there on the way home one evening. We had a nice time there- plenty to choose from and the loved the sprinkles on their cones.
 Gaby enjoying her treat... Silly girl!
 On evening Mia decided to camp out on the floor of the entry way. On the hooks behind her, I had hung up her book bag for school. She went around the house and picked up extra school supplies and placed them in her bag. She found a hi-lighter, notebook, and markers. Mia is ready for school. I am not. But my little Mia mia is!
 Gaby's cool project from art camp, her Pokemon ball made from bottle caps. (Her theme for camp was using recycled supplies.)
Mia and her splash art. It is on a canvas and it looks so cool. I am hoping to hang it in our dinning room some how. Contemporary art, right?

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