Sunday, December 4, 2011

Daycare stays open until 10pm... yes! 10 pm!

Once a year I stay open late for my daycare parents. This concept was introduced to me from a friend that owned a daycare too. I open it up to all children in my program including my school age kids that stay on days off or come before and after school.
I do this for my parents- it is a small Christmas gift to them. They can do whatever they want- shopping, relaxing, dinner, movie, party... whatever. It is a fun way for me to hang out with my daycare kids too- it is kinda our holiday party, it's our time to relax, not worry about rules and just enjoy your evening.

The night started with a pizza party... I didn't have enough chairs so we had a very large picnic!

Friday morning, the peanuts and I made a batch of frosting. They loved getting to help!

Our "craft" for the night was a gift for our moms. We made a sugar scrub. Everyone had an important part.

After we added everything in the bowl, everyone had to take a turn mixing, and smelling. We made peppermint.

Before we put it in the jars, I tried it out on Dustin... always a good sport!

Snack Time

I had 14 kids total. I had to do everything in groups. They kids didn't seem to mind and did a great job of waiting until their turn to come to the table.

We also made "Happy Helper" aprons. We talked about how we can help our parents out around the house. Picking up out toys, going to bed without fights, put dishes away were all things we can do to help.

More happy helpers...

Our night ended with baths for some, Pj's, and a movie. We started watching "Santa Clause 3". I sat down to watch it with the peanuts and shortly after I did, I had a lap full of friends wanting to sit and watch with me. What a great way to end our night!

Until Next Year!

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