Sunday, December 4, 2011

my thoughts for the night...

It's Sunday night and I should be sleepy... I am not. I am dreading the next two weeks because of the sure craziness that has been planned. It's nothing out of the normal for us but we just have a few different things like school concerts, dance recitals, and seasonal church events added into the mix.

I just love this picture- Dustin was on the couch Saturday and the younger peanuts came and cuddled up with him and Mia requested a book. I love that these girls have such a awesome role model as a father. I pray for each of my children that they find a husband that is like their father and settle for nothing less. It is moments like this, I am overwhelmed with what I have in Dustin. To him, it was a few minutes reading to his girls and to me it was so much more.

We had a pretty productive yet lazy weekend at home... does that make any sense at all?? I did things at home since the weather was cold and rainy however it was all at my own pace. I got some much needed work done on my nursery job from home, a weeks worth of laundry finished, dishes caught up, well... until we ate again, and more.

So, Dustin and I hired a babysitter tonight. This is a huge step for me. Since we have had our peanuts, I can count on one hand the amount of times we have had a babysitter that wasn't a family member. I hate doing it and it is a huge trust issue for me. As many of you know, we had an issue come up when Gaby was in daycare (for a brief 2 months) when she was three years old. That has truly tainted me when it comes to having others watch my kids. So, we just went without date nights or tried to have family watch the kids. Tonight we just wanted to get out to watch a movie and spend a little time together before the next 2 weeks hit us. We had a middle school girl come over- I am good friends with her mom, and we tried her out. Success! We have someone we can call for the kids and the peanuts had nothing but good things to say!

Let me just stop and say this- I love my husband. When I brought up the idea of going to the movies, I joking asked if we could see "Breaking Dawn". He said sure and I went with it. It was my second time seeing it but I will admit, I loved seeing it with Dustin. Not many hubby's would go see this movie and I was uber excited that he did. He didn't even mind when I was openly going gaga over Robert Pattinton. What a man, what a man! I will sing of his praises for a while. I just love the time we have as adults. We have great conversations and I never fear that we will run out of things to say. Movie or not- it was just nice to sit with him, holding his hand, and just having him by my side! Okay- sorry that turned into more cheesy rambling...

I made it to the gym 6x this week. This was 6x more then I made it last week. I feel it- I am over tired at the end of the evening but so glad I did it. I am making a change to help save money and to switch up my work outs a little. I am quitting Jazzercise, and 24 hour fitness and going to Maximus. This gym will cut my work out cost by 75.00. I can do the treadmill for my running and choose to attend classes they offer. It's hopefully the best of both worlds. I am nervous because Jazz classes are where I lost my weight last year. However I am looking forward to something new and hopefully will get me excited again.

Mia and Kadyn both have school performances next week. I am looking forward to seeing how Kadyn does. She had a little dose of singing for the church kids choir but seems a little more nervous this time around- We picked out a cute skirt for her to wear. I have no expectations for Mia, I really just don't know. This will be her first performance as a preschooler. She had a recital for dance last year and did really well so maybe she'll surprise us again... who knows.

This last week I had Mia's first parent/teacher conference. Again, I was a little nervous. She is doing great and they said she was shy. What?? Really!!! Do you really even know my child??? I guess it is good that she is good at school. They were happy with her progress and said she is great to have in class. I'm good with that- I am proud of my little Mia Rose!

With that I think I am done- just an update to share along with all of my ramblings... have a great night!

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