Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kadyn's Christmas Concert...

Kadyn had her first school performance as SHES. She was off the wall excited and she did a great job. Just with each of my children, my heart stops as they walk on stage and take their place. Kadyn is in first grade and it was her first time performing at her school.

These concerts are crazy. They fill up super fast, the room gets super hot, and the view of your kid gets super hard to see. The concert started at 7pm however to get a chance at getting a seat for my mom with her wheelchair we had to get there at 6:15. It's a lot of hurry up and wait. I felt super bad but we got a babysitter for Kenni and Mia. I knew Kadyn's concert would be a longer one and the little peanuts are just not the best audience. Once we got there all bad feelings went away. Being there 45 minutes early and then sitting for 45 minutes through the concert- they wouldn't have made it through! It was great to focus on Kadyn and all of her hard work. It was a great choice to have the peanuts at home.

My beautiful little first grader... We tried 2x to get her hair curly, this was the best we could do.

Getting close up's before the concert.

Daddy and Kadyn... (note the huge bags under the hubs' eyes- dude needs to catch up on sleep)

Kadyn's girl friends... Faith, Abi T. and Abby F. Great group of kids.

So excited to see Kadyn perform.

Before they dismissed, I ran up and got a close up of the girl... she was so hot after being on stage for a while.

Grandma Dee and Kk

Our music teacher... each concert I am totally amazed at what she teaches our kids to do. She has high expectations and never fails to deliver a great concert.

The night ended with Kk riding on Papa John's leg and a drive through trip for shakes at Sonic.

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