Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy makin' time

Christmas time means peanut brittle time...

It's so funny to me that Peanut Brittle holds so many memories for Dustin and I. I remember when I was dating D back in highschool. I was going over to his Mema and Pepa's for my first Christmas. Dustin was giving me the run down on what would take place. At the end of our conversation Dustin said, "Oh, and don't eat Pepa's peanut brittle. It's a special batch just for him. He eats all the peanuts and spits the brittle back into the container".

Peanut brittle is something my mom made every at Christmas. She had the recipe timed and made it perfectly every time. She handed it out to everyone. The first Christmas after her stroke, she couldn't make it. I was determined to make it and to make it well. That Christmas season I made one batch that was even worth trying. It was one expensive batch of brittle. I was so mad and sad. I couldn't make peanut brittle and it was one more thing my mom couldn't do.
After my peanut brittle meltdown, Dustin called his mom and got her recipe. It's the recipe Mema made for Pepa. We even got Mema's brittle making pan to use. This boy saved our families' tradition. He made a batch and it was outstanding.

So every year Dustin is now in charge of making the peanut brittle... and he even signs up to bring it to his work gatherings.

Can you guess what Dustin was working on last night???

Can you guess what I had for breakfast???

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