Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mia's preschool concert...

Experiencing the "firsts" with each of my children never gets old. Today I experienced yet another first. Today was Mia's first preschool concert. It...never... gets... old... fixing their hair, having the right outfit, making a big deal of her night, and still getting nervous for them as the concert starts and they walk on stage.

After our daycare day was finished, we jumped into the bathroom to start on her hair. Mia's hair already has so much curl, but we wanted more. Mia LOVED getting the curlers put into her hair. She giggled and laughed the entire time.

Mia and her friend. When we got there, the kids played around on the stage... he grabbed Mia and started dancing.

They actually had some good moves. (On a side note- I love this family... they have 3 boys and their mom/dad went to high school with Dustin and I. I just can not say enough about them- their mom picks Mia up for school every Tuesday and Thursday and their oldest is Kadyn's age. I get to see her at school a lot and she is also my gym buddy! I am determined to have one of my daughters marry one of their sons... :) )

Singing on stage... (the little guy in the red sweater vest is in our Cubbie's group at church too- too cute getting to see him as well)

Yes! That's why I posted this picture!

Always have to get a picture by the tree... I think it is a written rule somewhere. My little girl looks so big.

Mia and the twins...

Even Kenni wanted to be on stage...

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