Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade crafts are the best...

Today is Lucia Day. In Sweden, this special day honors Lucy, a saint of light. Yesterday we made Lucia Day Crowns.
The kids started by tearing green paper.

Gluing it to their paper plates.

Then we added candles.

I love making homemade ornaments... for years I teased my mom for making me put this noodle blob on our tree that I made while in preschool. Now that I am a parent, I totally understand why she treasured it so much. Our tree doesn't have my crafty ornaments on it anymore- but each year I still go through each of my bulbs and love the memories that each ornament has. This year I had to repair the noodle ornament- it's only 30 + years old.

Another ornament that was made in 1981.

Now we are making our own noodle blob ornaments for my daycare parents to treasure. This morning we glued the circle noodles into patterns. After they had dried, we'll be painting them and putting glitter on them. I am so excited to see how these turn out. I am even more excited to have Kenni and Mia's noodle blob to hang from our tree.

Homemade crafts are the BEST!

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