Monday, November 9, 2009

today's pet... birds!!!

Getting ready to make some bird treats... pine cones, peanut butter, string, birdseed!

P is coating the pine cone w/ peanut butter... and smiling!!!

J was talking to me while I was trying to get his picture taken. He wanted to know what kind of birds were going to eat this.

K rolling her pine cone in the pretty bird seed. The kids all pointed out some of the fun colors of different seeds!

G and A were out of school today so they got to participate in the fun!

I hung up Mia, Kadyn's and Gaby's bird treats outside. Kadyn stood outside watching them for a good 20 minutes to see if the birds would come and eat! She REALLY wanted to see a bird today!!!
After making our bird treats, we made feather art.

Lots of bright colors to glue and arrange...

We even finished our day by rocking out to "Rockin' Robin"!

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