Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At the end of the day...

I am still smiling... that is all I really could do at this point! No point in crying over today's events!!!

I knew I was in need of a do-over by 7:50 am. I woke up sick to my stomach, smell of sewer back up in the living room, downstairs bathroom backing up and a sad daycare kiddo dropping off.

My sad little daycare kiddo woke Mia up early which mad her in a bad mood.

Kadyn had a dental appointment that she had to be "put under" for and I couldn't be there for. Because she was leaving, we did art early, I spilled water all over our cotton balls for our lambs and couldn't do the project. So, I had to call my neighbor that just happen to have the day off and gave me some cotton squares and circles and we made do!!!

K's appointment ran late and I didn't know if I was going to be able to get kids to preschool so I had to call a mom and make back up plans. But turns out K was back in time and was doing fine, took a short nap. Because of this nap, she missed daycare lunch! We loaded up a little early and ran to Sonic where she got a corn dog and I got a hamburger... with bacon... and that would be lunch #2 for me since I already had eaten with the daycare!!!

I ran back home after dropping the kids off at school...shaved my legs, drank a coke, changed outfits, fixed my hair and left for my doctors appointment at 2:00. I was waiting at the door for my husband that has a different concept of time then I do so I could leave.

After he got here, he took the above picture and I was out the door running! I got to the hospital for my 2:30 sono, check in, and sit down! The lady says, " Um, we don't have you down for an appointment today". I am thinking... of course you don't, this is my day! The lady calls my doctor and they said they are doing the sono in the office. Um, Okay... we have never done a sono there before, but whatever... Off to the office I go!

I get check in, again. The sono looks great! Baby Kendal was very, very active and look marvelous! Her heart is what they were double checking and it looked great!!! What a blessing to see and hear on such a do-over type of day!!! Then my appointment... my weight is up by 3lbs and my blood pressure is doing great!! I got a lecture for putting off my lab work and my punishment for that is I now have to do the sugar test and wait an hour... okay, I would have had to do that anyway, but still punishment!!! Truth be told, I was waiting on the lab work until D's insurance kicked in... I know, so bad! But I know there are a few of you that would be doing the same thing!!! SO, the appointment was my highlight for the day!

When I left, I was hungry again... imagine that! So, I went to Long John's and got lunch #3 for the day. I was trying to eat it on the way home so I wouldn't get busted for having so many lunches in one afternoon. While eating, I flipped the coleslaw on my arm, then in my lap. I gave up on that and moved on to the chicken... burnt my tongue because it was hot, drank my Mountain Dew and spit it out because it was gross!

Got home, things were good for a while. Daycare finished up, dinner was defrosting, and we were getting ready for Awana's. I decided late that I wasn't in the mood for the dinner I fixed but instead wanted a butterscotch milk shake from DQ. I feed the kids something easy, loaded up, and left for DQ. I got my shake and we were off to church! I unloaded Gaby and Mia, Kadyn and I were heading to our building and life was grand! As I am unpacking I drop my shake in the church and it goes everywhere. That was almost my breaking point! I wanted to turn around and go home- but there was too many people around to cry and whine so I put my brave face on, helped clean up my mess and went on with the evening!

Now, I am home... the sewer is fixed (thanks to Dustin staying home and renting a machine to pull roots out), kids are still running around instead of being in bed, and Mia is still fussing in her crib after me going into her room 4x times to help her calm down! But at this point am I really surprised at this... nope! Not really. It has just been that kinda day... a topsy, turvy, up and down, running around, busy, do over type of day!

However, I am still smiling and ready to do it all over again tomorrow! Maybe with a few less mishaps!!!


Tonya said...

dang girl! that is a stinky day....literally it sounds like! ;)

way to be a trooper!

Dawn Estes said...

Man, alive, girl! That was one long, crazy day. Glad everything
s looking great for Kendal. Here's hopin' today is much, much calmer!