Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Feast...

We celebrated Thanksgiving with all of our daycare friends today. Everyone signed up to bring a side dish to share with everyone. And boy, did we feast...

During preschool time we made decorations for our table. We glued turkey heads on pine cones and used pipe cleaners as their feathers. My older group watched how to make the feathers and caught on fast. My little fingers group...well...they needed more help!
This project took a lot of time but the kids stayed engaged and worked hard on their decorations! I thought they turned out super cute!

Getting ready for the feast... of cereal and carrots.
My daycare group... ready to eat, eat, and eat! We had a ton of food! While cooking and warming everything up I had a lot of helpers in the kitchen. They were excited to help prepare and serve what they brought.
And, we ended on a bang... pumpkin pie and apple crisp!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving from the Peanut Gallery Daycare!

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