Sunday, November 22, 2009

I hate Christmas pictures....

As many of you know, my hubby and I bought my dream purchase... not a new car, not a new home, but a nice camera. I hate loading up the kids, taking them into a studio, dressing them up, hoping the studio is running on time, and then being rushed while getting my pictures taken. So, we bought a camera and giving this photography thing a try!

I must admit, my toy has so many features, knobs, and buttons... I am a little out of my element with it. However, my hubby is/has been doing a ton of online researching and reading to see how we can make the most of our pictures without investing a small fortune!

This afternoon was our first attempt at getting Christmas pictures... I say first because we will be trying it again even though we shot a couple of good ones.

This was my living room this afternoon... trying to get lighting right. I love the colors of my walls but it doesn't lend itself to bright pictures.
G and K know the drill pretty well... but then there is Mia... Oh my little Mia. The heart of all frustrations this morning!!! At least when she was little all she did was sit there. Now she moves, she crawls, she messes. She did it all... which made for pictures like this!
We tried some different things around the house... the girls were really bored!!! Kadyn just sat there the entire time saying, "CCCCCCHHHHHEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEE"
And then when I would say or do silly things to get them laughing, we got pictures like this. No one looking at the camera and Mia running away!!!

So, even though I am so happy for my awesome new camera and my cute little girls to take pictures of, I just wish that this process was a little easier on my patience and blood pressure!

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