Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our pet shop

As we wrap up our pet theme this week we decided to "help"animals that might need rescued. We gathered up some pet stuffed animals, I hid them around the house, and we rescued them as we found them. Yes, it is the same as hide and seek but with a better message! The kids came up with some crazy ideas for the animals. But at the end of the game, we had all of the animals safe and sound!

We took our pretend play one step further, we made up pets. We used patches of fur and the kids drew arms, legs, hair, ears, and gave their furry friends names.
Here are all of our creations...
All of our animals needed a place to go after we rescued them. So, we built and decorated a "Pet shop" for them. Here we are stage 2...decorating!
And, our almost finished project! The pets looked happy to us! After they were done, they took turns buying the pets and taking them home.

The kids had a great time coming up with pet names, pretending to rescue pets, and giving them safe homes.

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