Monday, November 23, 2009

I am so excited for Thanksgiving week. I love the art activities that we do, the books we read, and the food we eat! Today we made some table decorations for our Thanksgiving dinners at home.

First we melted canning wax over the stove. Then, we dipped leafs in the wax to preserve them for our decorations. The bigger kids had a blast as they are used to being in the kitchen with me and the little ones needed a more "child proof way" of doing this activity.

I couldn't get pictures of my lil ones doing this since my hands ended up with more wax on them then the leafs did... but it was still a fun time. The leafs turned out so well and will make a great addition to Thanksgiving table.

It is hard to believe we are already to Letter N for our weekly letters.
Today we used "number" stickers to decorate our "N".

We also had "nuts" for a snack, and ate "doNUTS" for breakfast. I know, the last one is not really an N word but the kids had fun making the donuts just the same.

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