Friday, January 3, 2014

Sorting 2014

 As I look at the new year ahead of me my one word that will help me through all of my goals is, "Sorting". It is such a broad word and could be used for some many reasons. I am using my goal word for personal reasons and non personal. This month I am sorting through our stuff. I realize with having a larger family and a daycare home organization is the key. I really think I am good at it however there are still areas that I need to sort through. My entry way is one of them, I have hooks, baskets, ect and yet 4 book bags, 3 dance bags, 3 soccer bags, 1 diaper bag still make the area cluttered. While on vacation Dustin and I looked at storage to put into the garage to act as an easy grab what we need, each kid would have one, store all their winter stuff, all of their bag stuff, boots when you need them stuff. We are not doing this entire unit but just the tall ones for each kid. Super excited to get this sorted and solution in place.
 Other ways I want to sort through my life is with my kids. Make their time at home more meaningful and thought out. Do game night, treasure hunt, cards ect. We don't have a ton of free time at home so when we do, I want to make sure we are using it the best way possible. To allow this to happen, I need to sort through what is a priority, what needs to be done, how do I sort through my day to make sure I am doing what I need to be doing? Make sure I am being the best wife and mom that I can be.
 Sorting through my personal goals... I love this picture and what it stands for. Every year our home church, Topeka Bible Church, puts on a drive through light show for the community. The goal for this Christmas Project is to be an outreach, to bring people to the show where the gospel is shared. This picture reminds me that I need to sort out my spiritual life as well. When I am making time for my family, am I making time for God as well? Am I living for God and am I being a servant for Him?

Another personal goal is my weight... I have to sort out the bottom line of what is holding back from the healthy lifestyle I crave. I have 6 beautiful reasons I want to live a long, strong, healthy life now to make it happen, no more excuses.

Other areas in my life to "sort" this year: 
date nights
tighter budget
daycare activities
being compationate
 home workout plan
put my guard down
give more hugs
play more games while shopping Wal-Mart 
random acts of kindness

As I look at my list of things to sort, I pray I can be a better person this year. I hope you can find one word that will help you set goals for the new year! 
Happy 2014!

 Ending our 2013 with a bang... Q-man's first time at Chuck E. Cheese
 Having friends spend the night and hanging out at the Discovery Center on an awesome December Day!
 Accomplishing new milestones like sitting up in his new car from his Papa and Grammy.
 Going swimming while it is cold and yucky outside...
 Having lots of family meals (and pouting because I ordered her coke and she wanted milk) out during vacation/Christmas break.
 Getting my scrapbooking goal started... easier way to view my family pictures yet still documenting our memories.
Asking for play doh sets and getting a couple for Christmas. She loves to watch You-Tube to see how people play with sets.

Happy 2014!!!

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