Wednesday, January 29, 2014

 Starting to get ready for February... It seems like January has been here FOREVER! I'm ready for a new month!
 We practice writing our names daily... Now I have their names on the wall so they can see their letters ect. We have also used them for games.
 Working on our cutting skills.
 After 2 sleepless nights, (enter whiny voice here- I know, buck up), Dustin took Q into the dr. office this AM. He has his first ear infection- poor guy. At least it is something we can treat and hopefully soon will feel better! I knew really quick when he wasn't feeling good- no smiles, no giggles, and no laid back easy baby!
 I had to vacuum the daycare after art today... just a cute picture of them waiting for me!
 Making our snowman art... these are hanging up in the daycare.
 My little guy ROCKED his name today- one of the best ones yet! Practice does make perfect, so super duper close!
We are talking about the letter P this week. We had a pink snack, which a daycare mom made, and read, "Pinkalicious".

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