Friday, January 17, 2014

My Hairy 33 minutes

 My hairy 33 minutes was all worth while after delivering 28 dirt cakes to school for my favorite 9 year old. Last night I had started making Kadyn's treats when:
Dustin ran an errand
Q started crying, he hadn't been feeling great all week, wouldn't stop
Gaby had to hold the baby
Kendal and Mia were not listening
I cut my finger
Trying to get spelling words looked at

It was the longest 33 minutes ever... however I took Kadyn lunch and her treats at school for her birthday. Having her happy made my 33 minutes last night a distant memory. 

 Kadyn and her friends before lunch... such a great class of kids!

 Kadyn was chosen by her friend, the Top Banana, to have lunch in the classroom. So, instead of sitting in the lunch room, Kadyn and I had lunch with Emily and their teacher. It was a nice treat since there isn't a lot of talking in the lunch room.
 We made Kansas dirt cake for her treat- after she passed them out, she got to wear the birthday sombrero as her class sang Happy Birthday to her.  After the song, the kids did a drum roll on their desk for Kadyn as she took her first bite.
An exciting time is when you have extra treats- you can pick a friend and go to other teachers and pass out the extra treats. Most teachers have fun little birthday treats like pencils, candy or something to give in return. Always a fun time.

I am so glad Kadyn was having a great day for her birthday and I was able to be a part of it. Every crazy thing that happened last night was worth it when I saw her face light up when I walked into her classroom, when her class sang HB to her, and when she received comments on her treat.

Can't wait for the bus to come so we can celebrate the rest of the evening.
Happy Friday!

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Mel Evans said...

Maybe one day soon I'll get to see my littles sharing time with you!!! :) Very cute stuff, Laura.